Teach me to be generous. Teach me to serve you as you deserve. To give and not to count the cost, To fight and not to heed the wounds, To toil and not to seek for rest, To labor and not to seek reward, Save that of knowing that I do your will. AMEN


Tithing symbolizes and helps express our commitment to Christ and the Church.

Reminder for everyone who have made pledges to the Diocesan Fund and ADA campaigns on behalf of MHT, please continue to send your pledge fulfillments directly to the address indicated on the Statement you are receiving.

These pledge fulfillments need not pass through the Parish collection baskets.

Thank you for all the help and kind assistance that you continue to give back.



















Homeless Shelter

Men's Homeless Shelter will open on January 2, 2018 and end the morning of April 9th. Most Holy Trinity is partnering with St. Francis of Assisi to shelter 15 homeless men's. St. Francis of Assisi will begin the sheltering and the sheltering will end at Most Holy Trinity. The shelter will open at 7:00 PM and 7:00 AM. MHT will begin sheltering on January 8th. We are looking for volunteers to help at the shelter. We need volunteers to help with evening set-up, food preparation and severing, clean-up, and evening monitoring from 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM. We have overnight monitor covered. If you are unable to volunteer your services and wish to help, we are accepting donation to help pay for the overnight monitoring services and other needed items such as sock, shirts, pants, plates, bowls, utensils, coffee cups, drinking cups, and napkins. Thank-you for your help and God Bless.


Are you in need of monetary or food assistance? We may be able to help you. We provide assistance with food, utilities, transportation and other expenses. Please call SVdP (408) 729-0101 ext. 323 and leave a message and phone number so we can help you.

¿Le necesitan ayuda alimentaria o monetaria? Podemos ser capaces de ayudarle. Proveemos la ayuda de la comida, utilidades, transporte y otros gastos. Por favor llame SVdP (408) 729-0101 ext 323 y deje un mensaje y su número de teléfono para que podamos ayudarle.


Conduct and Ethics Hotline

Those responsible for the spiritual and material goods of the Church are entrusted with the stewardship of others’ gifts, and are ultimately responsible to the Lord. As a faithful steward, the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Jose is committed to maintaining the highest standards of conduct and ethics. The mission of the Church requires no less.

To this end, the Diocese of San Jose has partnered with EthicsPoint to provide a confidential method to hear suggestions, concerns or reports of financial misconduct. The EthicsPoint Hotline (1-888- 325-7863) allows parishioners, volunteers, employees, vendors and others to make confidential reports regarding the mismanagement of parish or school property, cash and all other assets. Reportable are also issues of apparent disregard of policies pertaining to the proper management of these assets. Suspected unethical behavior by employees, volunteers, staff, trustees, officers, directors, agents or contractors of the Diocese should also be made to EthicsPoint. All reports may be made anonymously.

It is the hope of the Diocese that EthicsPoint will assist in the protection of all who interact with the parishes, schools, chancery and other diocesan agencies.

EthicsPoint accepts reports of financial misconduct through its website or its Hotline: 1 - 888-325-7863. A complete report will be made to diocesan leadership, so that leadership may review and provide feedback and resolution for the issues that are reported.

Please direct any questions that you may have about EthicsPoint or reporting concerns to Teresa Conville, Diocesan Compliance and Parish Financial Services Director at 408- 983-0241 or All reports may be made anonymously.


Catholic Charities’ Continuum of Care

Finding compassionate care for the people you love can be a challenge. Dealing with the issues of Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other aging issues is difficult enough. Catholic Charities now has an Elder Care Line available to assist you in navigating through different scenarios, and choices that come with aging as well as the services and resources available to aide you on your journey. Catholic Charities Elder care line offers confidential support, encouragement, and referrals for elder care service needs. Our professional elder care specialists understand the needs of seniors as well as their loved ones and offer a host of services and support when you need it most.

Elder Care Line and Homecare: (408) 831-0441

Senior Activity Centers, in San Jose and Sunnyvale: (408) 270-4900

Behavior Health Clinic in downtown San Jose (408)-899-7160


Parish Registration

Whether you are currently a parishioner or are interested in becoming one, we love having you at Most Holy Trinity Parish. Choosing your church can be as vital to your family as it is selecting the town in which you live. Registration is the first step toward active participation in a parish. You will find that Most Holy Trinity is a welcoming, serving and loving church family with many diverse personalities and talents. There are many parish ministries to involve yourself with. As a registered parishioner, you may sponsor individuals for sacraments, receive sacraments yourself, or participate in Faith Formation classes. In addition, you become a supporting member of the parish community. Registered parishioners will have available an end of the year tax contribution statement. Call the parish office for more information at 408-729-0101. Register today!


El Registro Parroquial

Si usted es actualmente un feligrés o está interesado en convertirse en uno, nos encanta tenerlo en la Parroquia Santísima Trinidad. La elección de su iglesia puede ser tan vital para su familia, como lo es la selección de la ciudad en la que vives. El registro es el primer paso hacia la participación activa en una parroquia. Usted encontrará que la Iglesia de Santísima Trinidad es una familia amigable, sirviente, y amorosa con diversas personalidades y talentos. Hay muchos ministerios parroquiales para involucrarse a sí mismo. Como un feligrés registrado, puede patrocinar a personas para sacramentos, recibir los sacramentos usted mismo, o participar en las clases de Formación de Fe. Además, usted se convierte en un elemento de soporte de la comunidad parroquial. Feligreses registrados tendrán disponible al fin de ano una declaración de sus contribuciones del año fiscal. Llame a la oficina parroquial para más información al 408-729-0101. Regístrese hoy!


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