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Members of the Society of St.Vincent de Paul (or "Vincentians" ) are men and women who strive to grow spiritually by offering person-to-person service to individuals in need. We are young and old. Our members come in every shade of skin color. Some of us are wealthy, some are financially poor, but all of us are blessed with an awareness that our blessings (time, talent or treasure) are to be shared with our brothers and sisters in need.

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul offers tangible assistance to those in need on a person-to-person basis. It is this personalized involvement that makes the work of the Society unique. This aid may take the form of intervention, consultation, or often through direct dollar or in-kind service. An essential precept of the Society's work is to provide help while conscientiously maintaining the confidentiality and dignity of those who are served. The Society recognizes that it must assume, also, a role of advocacy for those who are defenseless or voiceless.

As a non-profit organization serving the poor, we welcome any donations (including cars) you can offer to help us meet these needs.  Envelopes are available in the church and parish office for your cash donations.  Address checks to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul of Santa Clara County: Most Holy Trinity Conference.  We also welcome volunteers to join our community.


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if
there was a way to help a
needy family stay together in their home AND make your neighbors happy? Well, SVdP has just the program. You can donate that old auto to SVdP and we will turn it into funds that will help a needy family stay together, in their home. It’s a true win-win-win. You get rid of that old car at no cost to you (and you can write it off on your taxes), we in turn collect the car and use it to raise money to help the needy, and your neighbors are happy because they no longer have to look at it! AND, we’ll take it with or without dents! Just call us at 1-800-322-8284 or click the image above.

SVdP Weekly reading

In today’s Gospel, Jesus says: “Go, sell what you have, and give to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven; then, come follow me."

Annual Ozanam Training held at the Church of the Resurrection

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul Council of Santa Clara County held their annual Ozanam Training of volunteers at the Church of the Resurrection, on Saturday, September 19th.

Ozanam Training, named after its founder, Frederic Ozanam, serves to acquaint new members with the basic rules and regulations of the Society, as well as a review for established members. This year's training was attended by over 100 volunteers.

Harry Tocce, President of St. Martin of Tours SVdP Conference remarked, “Twelve of our volunteers attended the event. Five of those are brand-new volunteers! They received a great introduction to our SVdP mission. Thanks, and congratulations on the terrific training program!”

Speakers from the Western Regional SVdP, included Brian O’Donnell, Vice-President; Catalina Miller; Formation Chair; and Sister Paule Freeburg, Spiritual Leader.

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